Kraken is a large supermarket of various goods and services

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What can I buy with Kraken Onion

What you can buy on the Kraken website

Today's main dark web site

If you have never visited the website, you are probably interested to know what shops located on the prohibited marketplace sell. Or maybe you need a specific product, but you don’t know if it’s worth going to the Kraken, because maybe it’s not there. We will tell you what can be found on the pages of the most popular Darknet marketplace of our time, and what is not there.

What do they sell on the Kraken?

Surely, you, like many ignorant people, think that the site is a pack drug addicts and bandits selling all sorts of rubbish. And in this you are very much mistaken. Despite the fact that you can really buy relaxing drugs and other forbidden things on the pages of the Kraken, everything is not as gloomy as it might seem. Many people come here for goods that are not on the shelves of ordinary stores, especially during the period of sanctions that hit the Russian Federation. It can be various equipment - phones, computers, etc., maybe even branded clothes, illegal brought to us from abroad. They also offer a lot of hacker services here. Such services are in demand among businessmen who are not averse to tarnishing the reputation of competitors in their industry. In general, Kraken sells a huge amount of a variety of goods that can be useful for all occasions for any person.